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Week 39. 36. Inclement Weather

Taken close-up with my new camera – Nikon P900 (I’m really pleased how close it will go).  I had to sit in the car for 25 minutes the other day waiting for the rain to stop.  Normally I wouldn’t bother and would make a dash for it but I had so much to unload that I really didn’t want to get wet – so, as I had my camera with me (as it’s so light!) I started just taking shots of everything.  Raindrops on the window were my favorite which I then changed into black and white.

2018 07 14_0051medBW


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Week 38. 14. Emotional

Well it was emotional for England as we lost in the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup against Croatia.  37 million viewers were expected to watch – 26 of which were in the UK. Another 4 million were expected to watch online and a further 4 million expected to  watch in England’s pubs but they won’t be included in official viewing figures.  I do wonder what the figures would have been if we’d got to the finals!  This is not a great photo, from the TV  – of our goalie trying to save the goal that won the Croatians the match.

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