52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 29. 28. My First Visit to …

The Sarasota International Cricket club … on University in Florida.  My husband is a big fan of cricket and when I saw there was a cricket club here in Sarasota, we had to go and investigate.  We probably picked the best weather day ever and sat happily in our beach chairs for a couple of hours watching.




Week 28. 39. Shot w/50mm

I went to the Sarasota Polo Ground to check out the Market there – held every Wednesday until sometime in April I think.  It was so pretty with the lights down the pathway and a little band playing. Lovely evening temperature.



Week 25. 8. Broken

Broken egg in this case.  I was getting our Easter Eggs out to check them to get new floss on them for the Easter Tree and saw this one had got a little more broken (yes cracked!) – but I think I can patch it up where you won’t notice.  Most of them were made in 1988 by my two sons.  We blew them out first and then painted and put glitter on, hard to believe they have travelled all over the world with us and still mostly perfect.



Week 24. 21. Hot and Steamy

I was thinking I’d be doing something a little more dramatic than this but I just love the colors.  I straightened it but absolutely nothing else.  The yellow is from the artificial light overhead and the white is the light from the window – both reflecting in the mirrors (in the bathroom). I did wonder about writing in it to get some cool drips – but what to write?