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Only a week to go ….


Wow my first time blogging … how exciting! … masses of help from everyone to get me to this stage – as you who know me can imagine! – being computer challenged. I’m excited to see everyone else’s photos and ideas however I wont be able to post mine until September so don’t give up on me – I will still be taking the photos and looking at YOUR entries.


7 thoughts on “Only a week to go ….

  1. Way to go, Patricia! I’m so proud of the first successful step you have taken and can’t wait to see your photos.


  2. Hello Patricia,
    I am so excited that you started a blog. I love blogging. I find the blogging community to be so inspiring, super supportive, and great place to make new friends. I will be following along reading your new blog. ;o)
    Smiles, Paula


  3. Well, first time I have followed a blog so let’s see if I can! So you take a photo of you life each week? Deb x


    • No – not of life but of the “themed” subjects – should be a tag you can click on to see what the themes are – we dont have to do them in order…
      if you know anyone else who might like to give it a go let me know and i can forward details to them.


  4. Patricia, I am so proud of u! And so very excited as well for u! Congrats!


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