52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


34. Faith

This cross is my landmark when I am trying to find my way off St Armands Circle at night to get home – I can get a bit disorientated. So this night I decided to take a photo of it – its St Armands Key Lutheran Church – it was started 30 years ago (I read on Google – what would I do without that!) when a small group of people started meeting at the Lido Beach Casino. … what? … a casino on Lido Beach  – so that took me to another search on Google … you know how that goes … ages later I’m still googling away (the Casino is gone – dont bother looking).Image



40. The Wheels Go Round

I bet there are quite a few children who would love this bus to arrive outside their house to pick them up instead of the usual yellow one!  Managed to get the photo just before the rains started and the man drove the bus off. Taken near Holmes Beach, Bradenton.Image


45. Bubbles

I love bubble makers! – What a great way to keep children happy while you try and take their photo.  I have one with a large wand that makes huge bubbles and recently found this one and the bubbles last for ages (6 hours in one instance) – giving me ample time to even put myself in the shot! I had a lot of fun “playing” the other day.ImageImageImage


35. Not My Mother Tongue

This is a sculpture by Malcolm Robertson from Scotland called”Open Book Gateway” – its outside the Fruitville Library. I’ve seenit many times as I drive by but finally I made a stop there this week.Stainless steel sheets were rolled to form the curved pages of an open book featuring cut out texts and quotations in various languages, Arabic and Chinese as well as English which is why i thought it fit the theme I chose for this week so well. Robertson has another sculpture called The Shell in Englewood – on a roundabout – how British!


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25. A Little Red Dot

This is a photo of my mother’s sewing box. The red dot is her tape measure – you’d press the button to retract the tape.When i was little I remember playing with the magnet which she always kept in there too in case she would drop any pins on the floor. She was amazing at making childrens clothes and doing smocking and could make anything I wanted for my barbie dolls – best dressed dolls on the block!