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6. The Old and the New


6. The Old and the New

This is a photo of my first serious camera – the Olympus OM-1.
I got it around 1974 and as recently as 4 years ago took some photos using film with it and it still takes a great photo … my father gave it to me when we lived in Hong Kong – I felt so empowered using it and learning about depth of field and film speed but it was rather expensive using film and waiting for the results to come back to you. I read somewhere that the OM-1 set new industry standards for SLRs in terms of functionality, portability and ease of handling when it was first introduced. It created the “compact” SLR concept.
Beside my lovely old Olympus is my new little pocket Olympus that I got for Christmas – I like to always have a camera in my bag and this fits the bill perfectly.
A little part of me wishes I had an Olympus DSLR but all programmes and media – everything revolves around Canon and Nikon – so I opted for a Canon.


2 thoughts on “6. The Old and the New

  1. We still have Mike’s father’s Canon film camera and I might just get it out one day and see if it still does a good job. That will be interesting.


  2. Love how you put it against the red background. Really made the camera pop!


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