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23. Above and Beyond

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23. Above and Beyond

I was travelling through “Sun ‘n Fun” RV Park and saw this huge display of fishy things hanging from ropes outside someones RV. It was ABOVE my head and BEYOND my comprehension! It was kind of fun too!


50. It’s bent or twisted


50. It's bent or twisted

Another photo taken at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens – meet “Lucky” so named as he had been rescued from a house where he’d been left by the owners when they moved out. He apparently was in pretty bad shape but now is back to full health – he really was lovely. Not everyone’s cup of tea – and I too would be pretty upset to see him my house but being held by someone was fine. I was going to hold him – he weighs 25 pounds but I chickened out wondering if it would hurt my neck! imagine filling out the insurance claim for that injury!