52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project

10. Workers Present


10. Workers Present

As i was driving home today on Lakewood Ranch Blvd I noticed an orange haze off to my East – it looked rather pretty with the blue sky. The orange haze turned out to be the soil being blown around by a strong wind during building construction. Workers were present – it must have been rather uncomfortable – I could feel the dust in my car as I drove by.


26. FEAR!


26. FEAR!

I think the photo probably says it all … my fear is going to the dentist (I have quite a few others too!) … I was going to use 3 of the themes rolled into one actually for this … FEAR, OPEN WIDE and DECAY!! – that would have been a photo of me sitting in the chair being worked on! I’m lucky to have found a great dentist though and the people who work with him are honestly the nicest people ever… wonderful. So over the past 8 years its been a little better than it used to be.


11. It’s Big!

I went to the new Hobby Lobby in Sarasota this week – it really is HUGE … I read that the average size of a store is 55,000 square feet  with more than 65,000 products in the store. It’s heaven for anyone who scrapbooks like me ( or anyone addicted to Pinterest!)  One  thing that I noticed that seemed to catch most peoples attention were the giant flowers – roses that were about 18 inches  across – no one could resist picking them up!ImageImage