52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


49. Anyone home?

Bit of a stretch! … no one home yet —- but soon!  This is the new mall being built at University Town Center and is due to open in October 2014. Costing a projected $315 million it is a 2 level enclosed mall with Saks, Dillards and Macys being 3 of the anchor stores – plus another 100 specialty stores and restaurants (approximately half of which are anticipated to be new to the market).  Construction will create 1,000 jobs in addition to the 2,000 long-term jobs expected upon completion. I was living in Minneapolis when the Mall of America opened there in 1992 – I went on Day 2 – WHAT an experience – I see it is still the second largest in the States – we lived 20 minutes away and I just LOVED going there.Image



A6. Looking down

This is my attempt at tilt shift photography … I discovered that I could try and do it using Photoshop Elements – my problem was that I felt I couldn’t find something where I was really high enough to be looking down – I’m going to try and find somewhere during this next year during my travels, practice makes perfect right!  The first shot  was taken at St Armands Circle, the second from the roof of the car park downtown near Hollywood 20  – I’m fascinated the way this technique simulates a miniature scene – I saw a photo done looking down on a football game – that was really clever.



47. Decay

Rather a sad photo really – found a dead dragonfly – although the body was black and decayed, the wings were almost intact and were a beautiful vibrant yellow. So – I decided to at least get a shot of his wings – its amazing seeing them up close.


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3. Change of time …

Or times are changing … such is the case with our Royal family in Britain … no matter what gender William and Kate’s baby was going to be, it was going to be 3rd in line to the throne – in the past only a boy would “count”. This law was changed earlier this year. Image

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51. A Bag Full

Feeling pretty good about clearing out various cupboards – 5 bags to take to Goodwill. I took them along today and was greeted as usual by smiling faces – they are so lovely the people who do this … and he said to me “congratulations on your new Prince” – I thought that was rather sweet!Image