52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 8. A4 My Hometown

This is not where I was born but where most of my family have lived – in Scarborough (skar-bra!) – a town on the North East coast of England in Yorkshire (York-sha!)  It’s known as a tourist destination being on the seaside  (I don’t think the water ever gets warm never mind hot!).  The countryside is breathtaking – so many people when they visit Britain go to London, Scotland, Wales, the Lake district but its Yorkshire where they need to be for some serious beauty! This photo shows the ruins of Scarborough Castle overlooking the bay, which are said to date back to the 11th century.Image



Week 7 46. The Color Pink

I thought I would be saving this “theme”  for the arrival of my granddaughter sometime in November but then realised there are many ways I can slip her photo in – probably more than once!  You will probably notice a reoccurring  theme with babies in my blogs to come as I also have another grandbaby coming 3 weeks prior to the baby girl (we don’t know what gender the first one is).   Anyway – This is Kenny – I was down at the Sarasota Farmers Market yesterday and saw this riot of pink at the Floral Exchange Stand … they were handing out roses too. Its a great place to people watch down there.ImageImage


Week 6. No.1. A Hot Ride

Not what you were thinking right …. we were boarding a Delta flight last week and I got stopped on the little walkway … after about 30 seconds I thought OH … I’ll take a photo – it’s not the usual angle to see the plane at – looking directly into the engine. I had my bag slung over my shoulder so quickly got it out – but of course then we had to move so its a little blurry. The hot ride came soon after this shot … we were nearly an hour sitting on the plane with NO airconditioning. It was a hot ride for sure.Image


Week 4. 51. Way Down Low

Well for church bells they ARE “Way Down Low” … these are the church bells of St Mary the Virgin in East Bergholt, England … they are in a Bell Cage – on the ground.  I have read that work began in the 15th century to house the bells but was never completed, instead a wooden bell cage was erected in the church yard.  The bells are exceptional in that they are not rung from below by ropes attached to wheels as is usual but the headstock is manipulated by hand by ringers standing BESIDE the bells. They are believed to be the heaviest that are rung in England today with a total weight of 4 1/4 tons. If you click on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmLC758g57Q you can see and hear them in action.



Week 3. 20. Wish I could/I’m sorry I did

This is ANOTHER theme that I am reluctant to use straight away  – I know there are going to be other regrets during the year!  So this little devil tempted me big time … egged on by my so-called friend Debbie who announced that I hadn’t lived till I tried one – she had me at the word “almond” …. here’s the twist though… and you really wouldn’t think they – Waitrose (English grocery store)  – would do this – they put how many calories are under that little cap of orange icing.  Yes – that does say 448 calories!  I still did it – and frankly I’m not really that sorry! – it was heavenly.