52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project

Week 11. 39. Shallow depth of Field


Week 11.   39. Shallow depth of Field

Been done a thousand times I know but it pleases me! – and the photo was taken IN a field! do I get more points for that?


Week 10. 36. Pretty Baby


Week 10.  36. Pretty Baby

Yes – for any of you who know me … of course its not just any baby – its my grandbaby! … This is John William at 5 weeks old.
He’s obviously very smart already – way ahead of other babies at the same age – almost reading and writing! We have had an amazing time recently my husband and I becoming grandparents for the first time. The funny thing was that both our sons’ wives were due within 3 weeks of each other ( 3 weeks and one day in the end) … One had John and the other had a little girl Stella – yes I will be “featuring” Stella sometime soon! I had the honor of seeing John being born – words cant express how amazing that was.