52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


28. Love is …

Love is what I feel when I see my two grandbabies.  John was born last October and Stella was born 3 weeks and one day later in November … it was a gloriously happy time and still is.




50. Up Close

Well I lost my marbles! – but I found them again! – I love bubbles that form around objects in water so that’s all this is – marbles in a glass of water taken close up.Image


3. An Expression of Love

This is my Goddaughter Louise and her husband Christian who came to stay with us for a week of their honeymoon, at the end of last year.

This particular evening we’d decided to go down to the Drum Circle at Siesta Key and it was raining – there was still a lot of singing and dancing under cover but it wasn’t the same as being out on the beach – but they didn’t seem to mind judging by their expressions!



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41. Splash

Thanks to a long-suffering friend – I got my “splash” photo.  Mindy had to do about a dozen 

“jumps” before I got the one I wanted with just her head peeping out of the water.. I didn’t really

know what settings either so it was a another learning experience for me! so double thanks –

now I’m ready for those grandbabies!




17. Holy Smoke

I’m taking liberties with the wording again … hole as in eye-socket!  Thank you Susan Piper … I read, on her 52 week blog, that she’d learnt how to do the “smoke” for her photo so I thought I’d try it myself … it’s taken quite some time to do but I feel I learnt a lot along the way.  WAY easier than getting “dry ice” involved as I did on another photograph.             Image


A.2. Family

I come from a really rather small family – under 20 of us in total I would say!  BUT we are expanding! – This is a photo, which you might guess was taken around Easter time is of my younger son William,  his wife Heather and their baby,Stella (5 months at the time) and not forgetting Wembley the handsome dog!