52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


35. Photojournalism

One final post. When I woke up this morning I thought this was going to be one subject I just wasn’t going to be able to fulfill. However as luck would have it, Amanda, a reporter from the Observer had asked Mary Nell, Mindy and myself if she could interview us about the 52 week photo challenge! Having asked us so many questions about ourselves it seemed a shame that we knew nothing about her – so I said “it sounds like you need to join the challenge!” and I think she will be – you heard it here first! After the interview I asked if we could turn the tables and let me take a photo of her, she obliged. ūüôā

2014 07 25_4080_edited-1



45. That’s So Funny!

Well it’s the last post for me! … I think this photo tells you that I am still in the “learning phase” … ¬†I feel that I have learnt a lot but – I have a long way to go, and I really am enjoying myself. ¬†So here’s to another year! (insert clink of glass).

The explanation for this image – if one is needed – I was trying to get a photo of my gorgeous little grandson John, all curled up, soft and cuddly on a sheepskin type rug …well the rug part went off without a hitch. ¬†However, even with my sons’ help, we couldn’t get John into ¬†“the” ¬†position. ¬†The idea was, at the last minute, to whip the pacifier out and the diaper off and CLICK ¬†– but we just couldn’t get him “folded up” – he was just so long. ¬†Another baby another time!

Thanks to Pam for her sweet baby model Elliot and to Mindy for letting me use her photo.



11. Golden Mean

I have spent all year looking for a “mean” “golden” labrador! – they’re
all too nice to be mean it would seem!

So my back up is ¬†golden butter curled! – again – not so easy – for the life of me I couldn’t find the little implement that makes the curls so had to improvise – not perfect but it will have to do. ¬†Now I’m going to eat it. And I can be pretty certain to find the “curler” within the next week!

2014 07 19_4043_edited-1


12. “Hair” it is.

I thought I was going to be able to catch a candid shot of someone elses hair – and although I saw some really fantastic styles – I just wasn’t gutsy enough to ask the person if I could take a photo. (I’m not good at stealth!) ¬†So … I have reverted to what looks like a dead animal on a black sheet – it’s actually a hairpiece of my own hair from when I was about 17.

It was all the rage then to have “pieces” made so you could make pony tails or buns with the extra hair. So I let mine grow very long (they take the length from the nape of the neck obviously) and I had one made. ¬†I was rather miffed when I saw on the inside on the weave part that it says “human hair – made in Hong Kong”! This is true – it is human hair – mine – and we were living in Hong Kong, but it just didn’t seem right.

A lot is written about redheads – like having a temper (not really) require more anesthesia to reduce pain (yes) very sensitive to heat and cold (yes) hair stays red longer (no) get sunburnt more easily (no) and we’re RARE apparently – making up only 1-2% of the world’s population.

2014 07 18_4021_edited-1