52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 3. 4. Bright Ideas

I think the Ice Bucket Challenge in aid of ALS is so clever!  It has totally taken off in a very short time.  As of today, Time magazine says that $15.6 million has been raised for the ALS Association to research Lou Gehrig’s disease.  If you go to Time.com you can read the whole story.

Well who knew that it all started in Sarasota Florida!  A golfer named Chris Kennedy was nominated by a friend to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge, which at the time, had nothing to do with ALS! You could choose your charity.  Kennedy, in passing it along,chose ALS as a relative is suffering from the disease and he posted the video on 15 July in what appears to be the first instance where the Ice Bucket Challenge and ALS were linked.

So two nights ago my daughter-in-law Victoria and I were at an ATP tennis match … Federer was playing and at the end of the match, after Brad Gilbert interviewed Federer, he (Brad) was challenged and actually had a BARREL of iced water dropped over him!  It was the first time I had heard of it and then low and behold … Victoria gets a challenge from her neighbor Alan the very next morning!  After a bit of name calling she prepped and we did the video … Hence not great quality as I just had to freeze the motion (lol !) where I could … We didn’t have enough hands so that I could just be the photographer.  Then she in turn challenged 3 people … One being my other Daughter-in-law, Heather  so here is her photo too!  I thought they both did so well … The videos are so funny.

The ideas is to dump a bucket of iced water on yourself within 24 hours … If you do, then you send a cheque to ALS for $10 … If NOT … Then you are to send $100 to the charity.  Tape it … And send to 3 people and to the person who nominated you.

As I said  … I think this really is a bright idea … I worked for a charity fund-raising for 10 years….. Heather also was a fund raiser for JDRF and we can both attest to the fact that coming up with new ideas is hard work. That’s why I think this is so intriguing … It’s raising a lot of money, huge fun and easy to do. So start off your own challenges if you like … You’d be joining a huge list of celebrities who have already done it.image image



Week 2. 5. Butterflies and/or bees

When I saw this insect on the ground … Dead … I was very thankful… It was huge,  about an inch and half long, fat body yellow and black with a visible stinger! Yuck.  I got out my eyebrow tweezers and picked her up … The males don’t have stingers I read. I am pretty sure now that its a Cicada Killer ( really interesting but short life story if you want to read more) … I am stretching boundaries a little as I really thought it was a queen bee but I think its classified as a wasp … Same kind of wings though which is the part I wanted to show! They are not aggressive and will only sting if handled roughly … Fat chance of any handling going on here!