52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 7. 1. At a Distance

Photo taken from Selby Gardens looking over Sarasota Bay.  Very happy memories for my family and I as our oldest son was married at Selby 8 years ago.

2014 09 12_4638_39_40a_tonemapped




Week 6. 37. Rows and Rows of …. Corn

This was my own “Field of Dreams” moment …. sadly Kevin couldn’t make it but our friend Jim showed me around! no offense meant Jim!  To walk right into the corn field was fun but honestly you really wouldn’t be able to find your way out again if you weren’t careful!  I think officially it is called maize but maize-on-the-cob doesn’t sound right somehow!

2014 09 07_4535a_edited-32014 09 07_4570_1_2_tonemapped


Week 5. 17. High Above

Recently we visited the National Museum of the US Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio.

A fascinating place but I got quite a jolt reading about this particular famous plane – Bockscar, Victor Number 77, which was the bomber that dropped a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki on 9th August 1945.  The bomb was nicknamed “fat man” who is depicted on the nose of plane, along with 4 black markings representing 4 pumpkin bomb missions (black) and the atomic bomb (a red symbol) … pumpkin bombs were a close, but non-nuclear replication, of the Fat Man plutonium bomb.

After the bombing 44% of the city was destroyed, 35,000 people killed and 60,000 injured. There is so much more to the story than this of course.

2014 09 07_4531_edited-3 2014 09 07_4522_edited-1






Week 4. 9. Drops of Water

Took this photo when visiting Crocker Park – an outdoor shopping area in Cleveland near where my Son and Daughter-in-law live (and my gorgeous granddaughter Stella!)  … it was SO pretty – they had some beautiful plantings – huge arrangements of flowers – I was very taken with it. There was a pretty little fountain, I could see the colors shining through from the back – this was the result.

2014 09 07_4342_edited-d1

Here are a few of the potted plants.


2014 09 07_4375_edited-1 2014 09 07_4379_edited-1 2014 09 07_4382 2014 09 07_4383_edited-1