52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 16. A5. Reflections

Final photo for 2014 … appropriately a sunset … taken at Tarpon Springs.

2014 12 30_5736_7_8b_tonemapped



Week 14. 21. It happens over time …

The “time” being roughly 9 months in this case!

Last year I took a photo of my two Daughter-in-law who were both expecting their first baby (my first grandbabies) along with the sister-in-law of my daughter-in-law … oh this sounds complicated!

So from left to right we have Sarah with Owen … then Victoria with John (my DIL) and Heather with Stella (my DIL). There are 3 weeks and a day between my two grandbabies and only 2 months between all three of them! – It was a fun thanksgiving this year.2013 09 12_1417done_edited-2 2014 12 08_5226done_edited-2