52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 24. A2. Circles

My set-up for this photo was more complicated than it needed to be I think. Mostly because I couldn’t find my smaller piece of glass so had to use a large one balanced on two desk drawers on the floor.

The glass was raised about 12 inches – under it I had a bead necklace … on top of the glass,  I put drops of water … which reflected the color of the necklace below. You can do with all sorts of beads and colors – a lot of fun.

A while ago I did this same thing with the glass raised higher so I could lie down underneath with my camera – I put a little puddle of milk on the glass which my cat Olivia could not resist – she walked across that glass with no problem and while she “lapped”… I took photos. I could do better now that I have learnt more but sadly my Olivia is no longer here.

2015 02 16_5921_edited-3 underolivia2_edited-1