52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 32. 3. Backlit

I thought this was an air plant … but then after looking at some images decided it was the flowering of the spanish moss … now I’m not sure! – but its backlit and it was very high in a tree and I thought it looked rather pretty.

2015 03 14_6334_edited-4



Week 29. 31. Panning

Yes – the dreaded panning … its not perfect but its a start!  I think it would be easier to do a car or a bike as you would be able to pick a spot that you know the object would be going past… unlike the dog! – they were all over the place but I really wanted to try and this was the best I could do.  Gorgeous dog called “Ice” – amazing eyes. You will see from the lines my “panning” was rather a “curve” too … I did have it on the tripod for a while but I found that too difficult.ice ice baby


Week 27. 41. Single color on Black and White

Taken at Florida West Coast Air Dogs event in Bradenton a week ago.  Great fun – I swear the dogs were grinning from ear to ear! Some of them were whining with excitement! – some went 7 feet in distance,   and some went about 20 feet – there is quite a knack to throwing the “toy” aswell – its not all about the dog jumping. I’m not totally sure what this dog was called – maybe Bubbles? very sweet!

2015 03 01_6187_coloredited-3_edited-1