52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 46. 49. Two of us

A photo of my older son Adam and his son John taken in March when they were down here in Sarasota visiting us.

2015 03 30_6795_edited-1



Week 43. 8. Differences

This, to me is a huge difference and not one I particularly like.  However, as many of you know around this Sarasota area we have a lot of live oak trees, many of which were planted too close to driveways. As a result many are being pushed up by the tree roots. So we had to decide to have it taken down.  I loved the way it curved over the drive.  Perhaps now though the other little tree beside it will blossom!  Literally and figuratively!  (The little rabbit likes the new look however!)

2015 06 10_7409_10_11a_fusedIMG_9514_5_6_tonemapped


Week 40. A1. Blue

“Stella Blue” … my Granddaughter … I’ve had a thing about blue eyes for a long time.  When I had my two sons I watched carefully, expecting one of them to have blue eyes – or a pale color.  I know brown is a dominant color but  my father had blue eyes, and on my husbands side (he has brown eyes) both of his parents had pale eyes. So surely we could have a child with blue eyes.  No – we didnt.  However – Stella came along and I got my wish! and how blue her eyes are!