52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 1. No. 32. Nighttime

This isn’t how I expected to start off my blog this time around … but it fits the bill, and it’s my excuse for being tardy.
I’m totally well now but was in hospital for 9 long days and even LONGER nights earlier this month .. anyone who has been in hospital knows that you seem to be always waking up with someone prodding you for blood or blood thinners – whatever … Its so quiet and rather a lonely time if you cant sleep – I watched a lot of tennis!
Anyway, when the NightNurse came in at 1.30am (NB clock on wall) I thought I’d take a photo … she was wonderful – very business like, very confident. So here she is checking another bag of something going into me – whatever it was it worked! (she never noticed I was taking the photo). Now I need to get going on some serious “catch up”.