52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 5. 13. Downtown in Black & White

Downtown Sarasota – in the back alleys … perhaps not the most attractive part of downtown!2015 09 23_7878lg_edited-3



Week 4. No. 20. In the Park

Bradenton Riverwalk at the Skateboard Park to be more precise … lots of boys practising their skateboarding skills. This young man was fixing his board.  Never did get to see him in action.  – conveniently there’s a hospital just around the corner in case of accidents!

2015 09 06_7789lg_edited-2


Week 3, No.15. Faces in Everyday Places – Pareidolia

This has been staring me in the face pretty much every day!  Meet  “Harry Honda” … he’s our newest addition – he’s very content lazing around outside in the sun, always nodding off as you can see – uses a lot of sunscreen as he’s white.  Then there’s poor “Jane Honda”  (yes my husband called her that 10 years ago when we got her) – exhausted – runs around a lot all over town  – shadows under her eyes – she’s not sleeping well because  “ANNA Honda”  is bawling all the time (no we dont have 3 cars!).

2015 09 16_7812_editedmed-12015 09 16_7830_1_2med_tonemapped2015 09 16_7837med_edited-1


Week 2. No. 38. Powerful

I was trying to go for a look of a Clint Eastwood movie here … A Fistful of Dollars,High Plains Drifter – a showdown in the desert type thing … the other contender is off left somewhere (!) – you have to admit – he’s looking pretty powerful, he was really strutting his stuff!

He’s only about 3/4 of an inch big! – had a lovely bright purple shell – the sort we all pick up on the beach all the time – well I do anyway, such a pretty color. Are these type of crabs the ones that grow and just keep changing shells? – I have absolutely no idea – I’m sure someone will know and a lesson will be forthcoming!

2015 09 02_7719md_edited-2