52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 22. 39. Rainy Day

We’ve had a lot of rainy days this week – this is a bit abstract but I liked the way it turned out. Splashes in the swimming pool by the steps. 2016 01 28_8984me_edited-1



Week 20. 34. O.M.G.

I was stopped by a pond waiting to see how a sunset would develop … no one around or so I thought … and then out of the corner of my eye saw a young man coming towards me holding a huge fish that he’d just caught.  He asked me to take a photo of him holding it – (I wonder what he would have done if I hadn’t been there?)  So – using his phone I took one – he must have thought it strange as I whipped my camera off the seat and asked if I could take a photo of the fish! – he obliged.  It was a bass apparently (?) and it did seem just huge to me.  I’m sure you can see my reflection in his eye!

2016 01 18me_8783


Week 19. A6. Sunset

It is amazing to watch how many people leave after the sun disappears from the horizon  – don’t they realise the best bit comes afterwards! I  hate to leave – each time you turn around the sky is a new color. Deeper red and darker blue. Then the mosquitoes buzz in your ears and you’re back to reality! Sorry couldn’t stick to one. Very bad.

2016 01 18ME_88122016 01 18ME_88172016 01 18ME_8824



Week 16. 46. Tell a Story

It’s a brief but well known one.  You pretend you can’t find your child … you simply can’t find them ANYWHERE … at age 2 they truly believe that they can’t be seen when they are literally right behind your BACK!!  my grandchildren John and Stella were sitting on the couch behind my son Adam who was saying “well I just don’t know where John and Stella are! – has anyone seen them?!” … meanwhile they were trying to not giggle but doing a terrible job of it – and finally when Adam turned round to “find” them they just totally dissolved – it really was so much fun to watch – hence all out of focus too! (and do you remember at they age they love repetition! – the game was played at least 4 or 5 times in a row).