52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project

Week 31. 48. Three of a Kind


Judging by an article I read,  this “trio” must be Black Vultures … the more attractive of the two varieties in Florida … the Turkey Vultures having featherless heads and necks with pink skin!

There were dozens of these vultures at the Hardee County Wildlife Refuge … just visiting I was told as they passed through – stopping for a quick snack of left over vegetables and fruits from the other animals there.  The lady at the desk said they don’t normally have that many around.

Black vultures are monogamous and stick close to their mates all year round, for many years. They don’t build nests, but lay their eggs directly on the ground. However, they choose their nesting sites carefully, preferring areas such as caves, hollow trees, thickets or even abandoned buildings.

2016 04 03_9744lg_edited-2


9 thoughts on “Week 31. 48. Three of a Kind

  1. Agh nature’s cleanup crew!


  2. Black Vultures indeed, nice treatment!


  3. Vultures give me the creeps.


  4. Thanks for the vulture lesson. Doesn’t make me like them any better.


  5. Nice capture of an important bird to the Eco cycle.


  6. Nice shot, they do a great job cleaning up the road kill, but they give me the creeps too!


  7. Great find. They look better than the pink-necked variety.


  8. I’ll get the cranberries! Oh, wait! Those are vultures!


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