52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 12. Musically Inclined

This photo was taken at USF , at the McCormick Marimba Festival. It’s a unique festival as it involves major universities and soloists performing from across the USA. Sadly I didn’t realise that the lighting would be so great so I only had my i-phone with me.marimba



Week 11. 30. Show us your Bokeh

I decided to try with the Bokeh at the front of the photo rather than behind, just for a change.   SOTC too as it happens – I was trying with various filters but liked this  rather  washed out color.



Week 10. 35. Starts with a “C”

CAMERA of course! (Canon for bonus points?)  So tonight was my third night trying to get this shot, and for the time being this will have to do.  It’s a masterpiece compared to the ones I started out with on “night one”!  So many little tweaks each time – I still need to get my light source lines “thinner” so I can try and ‘outline’ the camera more.  Fun to try!

2017-01-13_1513_edited-1 Here is another – I like the coloring better but the word “Canon” is not clear …. and the lines are ‘thicker’ … that’s something that needs work.


and this is one of the first! – bit of a mess ….



Week 9. A5. Seasonal

Time to put the decorations away for another year.  I bought this little train in 1985 when we first came to the USA … still going strong, singing the same songs (driving us mad again). Not so sad to put it away but John loved playing with it like his Daddy and Uncle did.