52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project

Week 40. A6. Abstract


I started learning about “acrylic pours” a while ago – onto canvas,  I’m sure the interest was sparked by the fact that I probably have more than 60 bottles of different colored acrylic paint.  It’s fun to do – and can be very messy when you get to the larger size – I’m sticking to the small size for the time being.  So – this one had just finished drying and as I walked through the kitchen I popped it onto the counter.  Well – I think we know what colors I favor – it’s almost camouflaged.



7 thoughts on “Week 40. A6. Abstract

  1. I love it … teach me … teach me. You are so talented!

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  2. I like the movement. You dabble is so many things……I’ll have to get a tour of all your interests.

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  3. Yes, the comment about the granite made this very very interesting!

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  4. Beautiful. I don’t know where I find the time to do all of the crafts you do!

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  5. Sounds like fun. As you say – well camouflaged.

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