52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

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Week 29. 28. My First Visit to …


The Sarasota International Cricket club … on University in Florida.  My husband is a big fan of cricket and when I saw there was a cricket club here in Sarasota, we had to go and investigate.  We probably picked the best weather day ever and sat happily in our beach chairs for a couple of hours watching.



10 thoughts on “Week 29. 28. My First Visit to …

  1. What fun! I belonged to the Philadelphia cricket club in Philly. Although it was golf and tennis we did have cricket as well. It’s such a lovely lold tradition sport. I’ll have to check out the Sarasota cricket club.

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  2. Did they break for tea?

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  3. Now that’s a fun “first.”

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  4. Who knew! And not far from me! Jiminy Crickets!


  5. I did not know there was a cricket club here. Surprise!

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  6. AND – right next door to the cricket field – they were playing RUGBY!! another favorite of Richards! – you could get some great action shots there I bet.


  7. Good to find something you enjoy watching. I like the ball. Good action sports shot.

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