52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project

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Week 5. A.4 Something Huge

This is a 20 Foot long T-Rex skeleton made out of bricks!  – Art of the Brick … very fun and clever exhibiton that was on in September in Tampa.  All built by Nathan Sawaya.  I think the title for this should be “He’s Behind You” !!







Week 1. 30. One Shot with 3 Shapes

This is a close shot of the structure of the Eiffel Tower at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio, hmmm – sadly not in Paris.  Built in 1972, the tower is a one-third replica of the “real thing”.  (so actually I need not have said it was the one in Ohio!) We took the elevator instead of the 410 steps, great view of the different roller coasters from up there.IMG_2879med_pe


Week 43. 28. Repeating Patterns

I learnt how to do Focus Stacking in Photoshop recently.   The definition of this is: a digital image processing technique which combines multiple images (15 in this case) taken at different focus distances to give a resulting imagine with a greater depth of field than any of the individual source images.  Looking forward to trying some more.