52 Weeks of Patricia's Life

Patricia's Photo Project


Week 24. 21. Hot and Steamy

I was thinking I’d be doing something a little more dramatic than this but I just love the colors.  I straightened it but absolutely nothing else.  The yellow is from the artificial light overhead and the white is the light from the window – both reflecting in the mirrors (in the bathroom). I did wonder about writing in it to get some cool drips – but what to write?




Week 23. 46. The Color Purple

Taken on Venice Main Street … this mural was going to be the whole depth of the building.  I need to go back soon and see the finished article. (great idea wearing the back support in such an awkward painting position I thought).purplepaint


Week 22. 43. Starts with an “O”

OKRA – followed by a shudder from me!  I had to look up some information about it as I really only know that I do not like it! – oh there is a red “version” which on cooking turns green – which perhaps would look pretty in a salad when raw.  When I saw a photo of the flower I was instantly reminded of a hibiscus – and low and behold – they are related.

The products of the plant are mucilaginousm,  resulting in the characteristic “goo” or slime when the seed pods are cooked (I did try to get that in my photo but it ended up mostly on me).  It is related to such species as cotton, cocoa, and hibiscus.  Okra is a flowering plant that is known in many parts of the world as ladies’ fingers or bhindi and is most highly prized because of its seed pods. The scientific name of this interesting plant is Abelmoschus esculentus and its origin is still unclear. Contrasting research says that it could have been South Asian, West African, or Ethiopian in origin, but the jury is still out.



Week 21. 33. Part of a Face

I was at a scrapbooking event recently, the tables are arranged facing each other so we can chat while we work.  I noticed when I looked up that my friends face was lined up perfectly with an ornate shelf  – sort of like a mask hiding a bit of her face. You can still see how pretty she is however!



Week 20. 31. Outside looking in

Looking into a shop window … not the best photo – I had to try and isolate the object. I wonder what the official name for this item would be.  Apart from ugly and not at all practical! I just couldn’t imagine how one would serve the wine with the “platform” around it’s neck – or do you disassemble the whole thing first, obviously the shells must be glued down! It’s the sort of thing one would dread getting for a wedding present!



Week 19. 35. Rows of ….

Oranges.  I was going to add a photo of the ‘real thing’ but then as I was visiting Lake Placid I saw this wonderful mural and took a photo of part of it which showed the orange groves. I hear there are over 40 of these murals –  I just parked and walked. Lake Placid Chamber/Mural Gallery, 18 N. Oak St. apparently sells mural tour books and the history of each mural is in the book.   The artist hides something in each mural, and the book tells you what to look for.  So I don’t know the history of my photo but I’m sure I could find out more by googling!

Since writing the above, a friend told me she sees an orange with sunglasses on! – well spotted – I hadn’t seen that but I didn’t know about “hidden” bits until I googled about it prior to posting this on my page – thanks Weezie!